TBI Resources

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

The latest evidence based guidelines from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. 

Check out their recommendations for the management of TBI in adults and children.

Founded by Katherine Snedaker LSW, Pink Concussion has done a tremendous amount of advocacy around women and concussions. 

Check out their Facebook Support groups, YouTube channel, and Website for more information on Women and Brain Injury.

The Love Your Brain foundation is a not-for-profit organization that improves the quality of life for people affected by traumatic brain injury, and raises awareness about the importance of brain health.

Check out their Yoga programs and Mindfulness programs online and in a community near you!

The Canadian Concussion Centre offers a free webinar series on various aspects of Concussion Recovery. 

Check out what the experts have to say!

Understanding the Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury

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