Reconnect Concussion Program Part 1

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  • Learn about brain injury
  • How brain injury affects our function
  • What we can do to help ourselves heal

We will also:

  • Practice techniques based on therapeutic Yoga to regulate our stress response
  • Reduce neuro-inflammation, and foster our brain’s ability to change
  • Review lifestyle tweaks to help us refuel our recovery

Part 1 Modules

What happened to my brain?

The journey begins here. We will review what happens in brain injury and why it is such a disorienting experience. We will also begin the journey of Yoga to help us rediscover our sense of Self.

The Stress Cycle: The Issues Live in the Tissues

We may experience stress more intensely post-brain injury, which can worsen our symptoms. This module will explore why this is, and how yoga-based techniques can help us feel like ourselves again.

Slowing Down to Speed Up!

Refraining from activities is no longer encouraged post-concussion, but neither is continually pushing yourself beyond your limit. In this module, we will review how to increase your functional capacity.

Sleep Better

Sleep is essential to brain healing, yet a brain injury can impair the quality of our sleep. In this module, we will review how to increase the quality of your sleep to improve your functional capacity

Exercise Better

Exercise is another vital component to healing our brain, though many of us struggle with it. In this module, we will review the parameters for building back our exercise tolerance.

Eat Better

Eating well post-brain injury can be challenging for many reasons.  This module will review what to eat to refuel your recovery. We will also explore techniques to make it easier to prepare healthy meals. 

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