The Reconnect Concussion Program
Starts September 24, 2024!

Do you live with persistent post-concussion symptoms? 

You are not alone!

This program will help you connect with community, foster brain healing, and help you rebuild your life!


For anyone suffering with Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms who has been assessed as appropriate for the group.

in Ontario – covered by OHIP. 

Rest of Canada –  self-pay


A nine week Mind-Body medicine program to help you feel like your Self again!


Tuesday afternoons 1:00 to 3:30 pm 

September 24, 2024 to November 19th, 2024

(This course will be followed by the Live Better Post-Concussion Program November 26 – December 10th, 2024)


Online from the comfort of your home.


To help us heal by reconnecting with our sense of self and a community who understands.


OHIP + $199 (sliding scale, to be assessed at the intake appointment) for uninsured services including gentle yoga, online course platform, videos, meditations, handouts and secure chat feature. 


You can refer yourself 


be referred by your Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or other concussion provider.

Healthcare professionals can also fax a referral to 647-576-0456, attn: Reconnect Concussion Program.

Referrals MUST include past medical and current medical diagnoses, patient OHIP number.

If you are self-referring, fill out the form above, then email us at with your full name and self-referral in the subject line. 


What happened to my brain?

The journey begins here. We will review what happens in brain injury and why it is such a disorienting experience. We will also begin the journey of Yoga to help us rediscover our sense of Self.

A Nervous System Breakdown

We may experience stress more intensely post-brain injury, which dysregulates our nervous system and worsens our symptoms. In this module, he will explore why and how yoga-based techniques can help us feel like ourselves again.

Slowing Down to Speed Up!

Refraining from activities is no longer encouraged post-concussion, but neither is continually pushing yourself beyond your limit. In this module, we will review how to increase your functional capacity.

Self-Compassion is a Lifesave

Reduced functional capacity can cause frustration and exacerbate negative feelings. Developing the skill of self-compassion can provide comfort during difficult times and potentially save your life!

What you can FEEL, you can HEAL

They say the only way over is through. This session will give you a road map to navigate your path through difficult emotions that arise when coping with illness and injury,

Dealing with Challenges in Relationships

In this session, we will continue on the road to healing, focusing on the challenges that arise when a brain injury changes the relationship game.

Re-align with our Values

In this session, we will review our values and reflect on what gives us our life purpose so we can rebuild our lives in a way that fosters resilience and serves our well-being, 

Outline of a head with a lotus in the middle


In this final session, we will bring together all that we have learned, rising as a more authentic version of ourselves.

Healthcare professionals can can also fax a referral to 647-576-0456 attn: Reconnect Concussion Program

Referrals MUST include past medical problems and a billing number so we can send a consult note. 

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