Reconnect Concussion Program Part 2

In Part 2 of the program, we continue on our healing journey. We will focus on how we relate to ourselves and others, as both can change post-injury. Then, we will focus on moving forward, to rebuild our lives with meaning and purpose. 

Again, we will practice techniques based on therapeutic Yoga to regulate our Autonomic Nervous Systems, reduce Neuroinflammation, and foster Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change.

Reconnect Part 2 Modules

Self-Compassion is a Lifesaver

In this session, we will review the importance of developing the skill of self-compassion. It will save your life.

What you can FEEL you can HEAL

They say the only way over is through. This session will give you a road map to navigate your path through all the difficult emotions that arise when coping with illness and injury.

Dealing with Challenges in Relationships

Sarte said, “Hell is other people” He was right! But we need each other. In this session, we will continue on the road to healing, focusing on the challenges that arise when a brain injury changes the relationship game.

Channelling your Energy

We only have so much energy. So how do we spend it? In this session, we will dive into how we can expend our energy smarter instead of harder.


In this session, we will look at our values and that what gives us purpose, so we can rebuild our lives in a way that builds resilience and serves our well-being.

Outline of a head with a lotus in the middle


In our final session, we will bring together all that we have learned, rising as a more authentic version of ourselves.

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Online class

On Demand (Education Only)

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