Live Better Post-Concussion

This 3-Session Lifestyle Medicine Program will review how to bring your life back into sync and refuel your concussion recovery.  

We will review:

  • How to get a good night’s sleep
  • How to build your exercise endurance 
  • What to eat to foster brain healing and function

NB: This course is INCLUDED in the Reconnect Program, but is available here for those who only want the lifestyle medicine components. 


The goal of this program is to share evidence-based lifestyle hacks that can help you get better post-concussion.

Information is provided in multiple formats - handouts, audio, and short videos (to which you can simply listen.

outline of a person with a bandage aroudn their head

Concussion 101

A few videos on to help explain what happens in Concussion

Sleep Better

Sleep is essential to brain healing, yet a brain injury can impair the quality of our sleep. In this module, we will review how to increase the quality of your sleep to improve your functional capacity

Exercise Better

Exercise is another vital component to healing our brain, though many of us struggle with it. In this module, we will review the parameters for building back our exercise tolerance.

Eat Better

Eating well post-brain injury can be challenging for many reasons.  This module will review what to eat to refuel your recovery. We will also explore techniques to make it easier to prepare healthy meals.

Live with Dr. Vaidya

Online class

Future dates TBA

This live program includes short videos to watch or listen to, point-form handouts, and worksheets to guide your progress.

On Demand (Education Only)

Available to anyone living Post-Concussion at any time!

Adapted for online education. Signing up for this course does not constitute medical treatment.

Sleep Better
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